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Welcome to Pure Talk, your one stop shop for all your business communication needs.
This website offers you an insight of how we can greatly reduce your mobile phone or landline costs and offers solutions to ease your everyday business tasks.

From mobile solutions with a virtual 01,02 or 03 number attached offering a greater business presence, or a mobile card processing machine and vehicle tracking to whole landline or broadband solutions saving you time and money – Pure Talk offer it all.

We ensure our prestige within the industry by ensuring that all of our team is trained to and above the levels of the mobile phone networks, the main difference being that every UK network trains our people meaning we are experts on all of the networks and not just one. This means we can advise, support, configure and manage your data requirements, whether it be setting up your first email address or talking you through how to send and receive emails on your new device.

Account management and regular bill reviews is a service Pure Talk feel should be a right and not an extra. This is why we offer all of our clients a monthly bill review service; we are pro-active in managing your communications from day 1, ensuring savings are passed on.

Much more than a mobile phone company, Pure Talk takes corporate responsibility seriously and this is why we could help your business become more environmentally friendly; this could include mobile phone recycling, saving paper through fax to email and paperless applications. We hope that the following pages will give you an insight into how we can help, especially as our solutions also involve either saving money or helping you to create more revenue.

Mobile Solutions

Pure Talk is a communications specialist and below is just a small introduction to the solutions which we provide using the latest mobile technology.

Our industry has evolved and no longer is it about how many minute’s do you require and which mobile takes your fancy, its about what your mobile can do for you and Pure Talk Limited provide, install and support a growing number of applications which can not only make your business more efficient and reduce costs, but can also give your business a much more professional image and increase your chances of winning those large contracts. Our applications can reduce paper; give live back office information, which can save materials, time and fuel which all amount to a reduction in your operating costs

Fixed sim dialling is a fantastic feature which allows you complete control of your mobile fleet, especially for businesses that use temporary or contracted staff that need to be contacted. This feature allows 20 numbers to be fixed into the sim, meaning only these locations can be called. Should these be numbers on your talk share group, the calls are normally free and therefore won’t have any impact on your inclusive minutes.

Using mobile sim cards, we also provide mobile PDQ terminals, so not only do you no longer need the expense of a dedicated telephone line, from only £2.99 per month, you could be taking card payments out in the field and we are sure you will find our fee’s a lot less than with the bank direct.

Using our IT specialist, we also offer an in house installation solution for Blackberry Enterprise users. We can facilitate your entire blackberry requirements whether you use 1 or 10,000. We can provide everything from license’s to hardware and more.

We also supply; 3G dongles, Data cards, Mobile phone accessories and much more.

Fixed Line Services

Our introduction into fixed line sales was motivated by our customer demand for superior levels of service and the desire to have one managed provider of both fixed and mobile communications. So 5 years ago we decided to launch our fixed line solutions which are used by businesses across the UK and below, a brief introduction on the services we can offer you today.

Cheaper calls and Lines is something we offer to all of our clients, along with a price promise. Please send a copy of your bill and we will be happy to demonstrate the savings which we can offer to your business. We can save up to 70% off the cost of your calls and up to 50% off the cost of your line rental based on recent quotations and successful client acquisitions. We also guarantee that these savings are not in substitute of your service levels, as we only use tier 1 providers and best of all; you keep your existing number.

Standard Landline telephone numbers remain vital for many small businesses as consumers prefer to call a local telephone number as opposed to a mobile number or a 08 number which offers no geographic location or security. Our virtual telephone numbers start at £4 per month and you can choose an area code of your choice. You simply chose a destination and we forward all calls to that number. This service is extremely popular with businesses who are looking to expand into new area’s, don’t have a landline, may not wish to have business calls coming to the home, want to keep start up costs to a minimum, save money on expensive call divert charges or have more than 1 business and want to know which business the incoming call relates to.

Non geographic numbers are extremely popular for businesses, whether you’re looking for a support line or service number which can be called for free from a landline or want to get revenue every time someone calls you, we are able to provide a range of 0800/0844/0870/0871/0844 prefix numbers. You are also able to port your existing number to Pure Talk to get better service and save money.

Compliance and security is something which all businesses take seriously and through legislation is becoming essential. Call recording is a feature which we use internally and we can use our experience to source the right solution for your business, we are also happy to use our own system for demonstration.

Need a telephone system or feel that your not getting enough from your existing telephone configuration, then we can advise you on the latest telephone system’s which could improve your business availability and performance. Please contact us today for info on how a new telephone system could save you money as well as increase productivity.

Much more than a couple of phones, then rest assured we have access to market leading call centre solutions which we bespoke to your own feature requirements.

Take a look around our site for more details or call us on 01782 454536 for a friendly chat.

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